“Now…Where to Begin?”

To borrow a quote from The Fellowship of the Ring film.  🙂  Well, for starters, here’s a list of random facts about me:

  • I grew up reading.  Reading anything I could get my hands on, and my parents never told me a book was too hard.  Mature novels, such as The Scarlet Letter, were off-limits when I was in single digits, but if I wanted to read Ivanhoe at age 12?  They let me go for it.
  • Consequently, I struggle to decide what age groups my own stories are for.  “Whoever wants to read them” is probably not what a publisher will want to hear.
  • Though I’m a writer, I’m not a published one yet.  Unless you count a letter I sent into Nature Friend magazine at age 9 or 10.  🙂
  • I do not have a favorite actor.  I do, however, have a favorite director: Christopher Nolan.  His storytelling style is masterful, combining high-concept ideas with basic story techniques.
  • I have drawn more pictures of Sydney Carton than any other literary character.  He’s so vivid in my mind that I have to capture him on paper.
  • I sometimes refer to myself in third person, e.g. if a family member says, “Christine can do that for you, if she doesn’t mind,” I will reply, “She doesn’t mind, but she’ll have to drop a project from her schedule; can she have some free time to finish the project this weekend?”
  • Nothing gives me amnesia like writing facts about myself.  Seriously, I’ve sat in front of my laptop for half-an-hour trying to think of an interesting list, and have now turned into Thor: “I am running out of things to say!”

But rest assured, more content will follow!

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