Picture Saturday

I borrowed this idea from Treskie, who very kindly let me use it.  Also, go check out her Picture Saturday posts, because they’re awesome and a highlight of my week!

Basically, Picture Saturday showcases the work the artist accomplished that week (or most of it).  All my artwork this week is colored pencil drawings on toned sketch paper.  Toned paper is amazing, people.  It holds both graphite and colored pencil well, and provides easy mid tones for graphite drawings, so that all you have to do is add shadows and highlights.

Although, with colored pencil, you still have to put down those mid tones, but the color of the paper pulls the drawing together nicely.

41-Orange-colored pencil study

I like drawing oranges in colored pencil.  It’s fun to layer the hues of yellow, orange, and red.  Also, I’m too lazy to draw backgrounds at the moment; a wonky blue plaid tablecloth is as good as it gets right now.  🙂

42-Knitting , Knitting, 1, 2, 3--colored pencil study

I drew this while watching the Olympics.  It’s been a challenge learning how to layer colored pencil; I’m used to painting with transparent watercolors, which requires different coloring and rendering techniques.  Anyway, I love how the stitches on the lower needled turned out!

43-Lighthouse in pencil

Two colors I have learned to layer well are indigo and dark brown.  Together, they make a nice, rich black, a color I prefer to mix or layer rather than buy pre-made.  This preference started as I was learning to use watercolor; the tutorials advised mixing black paint over buying a tube of black paint.  I followed this advice, and it carried over into my colored pencil work as well.

And my favorite for the week…

44-Emmy Rossum Christine

Emmy Rossum’s Christine.  Her portrayal of the character is not my favorite, but those curls are such fun to draw!  And I learned more layering techniques while working on this piece: I lightly drew the facial highlights and the shadows in their correct places and then brushed over both (except the very lightest highlights) with an in-between color: Nectar, in this case.  This smoothed the colors and made a nice transition between light and dark.  Then I deepened the shadows with more browns and a touch of indigo (a little of this goes a long way) and touched up the highlights with more layers of white pencil.  And then brushed over both with that in-between color, deepened shadows, brightened highlights, &etc. until the shades and hues matched my reference photo.

That’s all for this week!  Maybe I’ll have more drawings ready by next Saturday.






2 thoughts on “Picture Saturday

  1. Finally an art blog!

    1.) Ok, so wow, your still-life stuff is much better than mine. Dat orange. XD

    2.) OOOH THE STITCHES DO LOOK GOOD. hahaha. Hey, if you get the chance, a little tip from a pro: *coughcoughliescough* (lol I’m so humble.) if you add a touch of shadow on the knitting needle where it’s going into, and coming out of the ball of yarn, it’ll give it a little more depth and realism.

    3.) Okay I love lighthouses. I don’t even know why, THEY’RE COOL. And you are really good at scenery, and I am… not good. Really, really like the lighthouse one.

    4.) I was like, “OH I KNOW THAT GIRL.” even before I read the description, so good on ya. Wow though, I like the way you play with color. You’re quite good, you know. the dark and light contrasts on her face are really good. And oooh I like how you added some light under her jawline. <3. (I love drawing curly hair. Sometimes I get a little carried away, and I go off on a tangent like, "And another curl and another and another! And… you can't see her face BUT DO YOU SEE THE CURLS!??" and that's the story of how most of my Christine fanart has hair that sticks out like three feet. XD)

    • Christine Eyre says:

      Yessss. Thanks again for letting me use your Picture Saturday idea; I’d like to keep doing that.

      1.) Thank you! Oranges are fun to draw. I think a bowl of oranges was the first thing I tried to draw with my new colored pencils.

      2.) Oh, I welcome advice! And you’re right about the need for shadows on the needle, so thanks for the critique!

      3.) Thanks! My mom loves lighthouses too, so they often remind me of her. Thanks–haha, actually my colored pencil scenery often turns out scratch-y looking with inconsistent hues and shadows. It’s kinda hard to cover a 5″x7″ page with smooth pencil, so I’m glad this particular picture turned out the way it did.

      4.) Ooh, yay, I’m glad you recognized her! That was one of my goals: to make the portrait recognizable as a particular film character. Thanks–it helps to have a reference photo, especially since I’m still learning to use colored pencils. And wow, I did learn a lot working on this piece! Curls are fun, and they’re a good way to identify Christine. Poofy curls are kind of her trademark look. 🙂

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