Picture Saturday

Picture Saturday turned into a great motivator–in order to have artwork to post, I worked diligently this week and sketched without nit-picking too much.  This perfectionist has entered a new era.  🙂

So, the art from this week…


45-Peter Pevensie

This is how I picture Peter Pevensie.  I tried to make him look 13–14 years old, and he ended up looking a little older.  So maybe this is during The Voyage of the Dawn Treader or something.  Anyway, I borrowed another idea from Treskie: minimal coloring on a graphite drawing.  In my imagination, each of the Pevensies has a color that matches his or her personality, and blue has always been Peter’s color.

I’ve read fanfics in which Peter is the more mature, level-headed brother, and Edmund is the sassy, fun, prankster.  I think this is an influence from the Walden Media movies, and in the books, their attributes are just the opposite.  I mean, Peter is mature, but he’s also the adventurous explorer and the one who understands a kid’s propensity to hide and play jokes.  Not a prankster, but definitely the fun one.  Edmund always struck me as more of a thinker, a little more serious, and in Dawn Treader, he is stated to have read several detective stories.  And he’s the one who comes closest to solving the mystery of the missing lord on that island.


46-Susan Pevensie

Susan Pevensie!  (And I finally started to move away from profiles.)  Green is Susan’s color, and I modeled her outfit after one of the jumpers from my Molly McIntire paper dolls.  Paper doll outfits inspire me a good deal.  Susan ended up looking closer to 12-13 than mid-teens, so yay!  I want to draw the Pevensies as children because, well, they were when their story started.  Not good-looking teens.  *glares at WM adaptation*  In the book Journey Into Narnia, author Katherine Lindskoog says that in LWW, Peter was 13, Susan was 12, Edmund was 10, and Lucy was 8.  I don’t know where she got that information, but based on the way the kids act, those ages are a good estimate.

A few more notes about Susan: people condemn Lewis for the fate he wrote Susan in The Last Battle.  I was upset about it myself as a child.  But the common grown-up complaint is that “nylons and lipstick” represent sexuality, and because Susan cared about these, therefore, Lewis judged finding your sexuality.  Others say he quit caring about Susan and so threw her under the bus.  Still others say he wanted to include that whole “forgetting Narnia” warning, and Susan drew the short straw.

I don’t think any of that is accurate, and you have to look at the whole Narnia canon to understand Lewis’s point.  I mean, in The Last Battle itself, Lewis describes the Narnian clothes that not only look good but feel comfortable.  And if you think about it all, the Pevensies grew up while they reigned as kings and queens, and most of the other characters from Dawn Treader onward are grown-ups.  Growing up isn’t the problem, and looking nice isn’t the problem.  But ignoring the truth is.  Whether nylons and lipstick does represent sexuality, or simply vanity, or social aspirations, or whatever, Susan deliberately turned away from the truth she knew, and that is what Lewis condemned.

Also, Jill is the one who mentioned the nylons and lipstick at all, and she is not much of a girly-girl.  Polly and Edmund, however, specify the problem as Susan’s attitude.

I wanted to draw all four Pevensies this week, but at least I finished two.  Maybe I’ll finish Edmund and Lucy next week.


47-Peach Doodle

A peach on a tree–and I once again used a middle color to transition between dark and light tones and to smooth and blend all the colors.  This technique really works.  The technique for the background is the “scribble with different colors” method.  Not terribly sophisticated, but it also works.  🙂


49-Desert Sunset

A desert sunset, referenced from a photo I found on my The Horse and his Boy Pinterest board.  The colors of the photo were so beautiful, I just had to capture the landscape in pencil.


50-Sunlit Strand

Doodle of a sea strand at high noon, I guess.  I like drawing landscapes and plants in colored pencil.


51-Sydney, discouraged

I felt like it had been a while since I drew Sydney Carton, so I remedied that.  The rough, sketchiness of it mirrors the emotion, I think.  I’d like to say this was a thought-out, artistic choice, and it kinda was–after my attempt to draw a contemplative look failed, and the hands on the clock inched toward midnight.  🙂


48-Durant & Baby Luke

And then my absolute favorite drawing!  *melts into a puddle*  This is my character, Durant, holding his nephew Luke. (And yeah, the baby is a boy, though it’s hard to tell at sight, thanks to the 19th century habit of dressing both boys and girls in long clothes for the first few years.)

Anyway, Durant adores his nephews.  It’s the cutest thing.  And he adores his niece as well, but she wasn’t born at the time the picture takes place.

















2 thoughts on “Picture Saturday

  1. *flails*

    1.) SO WOW OKAY THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE. Look at you, branching out and doing a 3/4 view face! (aaawww you used my idea, cooooool.) Haha! I’ve always envisioned Peter in blue too. Weird. XD He’s a highly attractive mid-to-late teenager though. XD

    (As for fanfiction… meh. I’ve never gotten into it. People can’t capture the feel of the books, or the chracters of someone else’s imagination.. they just can’t.)

    2.) Aw the Susan is good too! (I like the headband. Is cute.)

    Although, don’t spear me…. I actually like the WM Narnia movies… I thought, especially the first one, that they captured the feel of the books pretty well. (Caspian… Caspian was WRONG but…. ugh. so frustrating lol.)

    And Susan’s whole issue in the Last Battle.. I wasn’t made at CS Lewis so much for not having her go to Narnia … it was more because that was so out of character for Susan. Susan was always super level-headed and down to earth, it seemed really weird that she would randomly go, “MEH LIPSTICK AND NYLONS!” you know?

    3.) That peach is good. :)(And I think everyone has used the scribble-with-different-colors method at some point, so not to worry.

    4.) Hahaha, oh I thought you were referencing a Star Trek picture, because that looks exactly like a scene from one of the episodes XD

    5.)The sea one is really good! The only thing I might suggest is don’t be afraid to do contrast, because sometimes even just a little touch of dark or light can make all the difference in the world. XD XD



    • Christine Eyre says:

      It’s great to hear from you! Thanks for commenting!

      1.) How cool that you picture Peter in blue as well–maybe it just fits his personality? A “true blue” concept? I dunno. Happy to start branching out with the poses, and I’d like to get to where I can sketch different poses and angles from memory instead of constantly using references. But references kinda help lock angles and perspectives in my mind. Thanks! I’ve had in the back of my mind that he’s the handsome boy of the family. 🙂

      Yeah, I see a lot of fanfiction done wrong. And that particular detail was a pet peeve.

      2.) Don’t worry; I won’t spear you–I liked the LWW movie myself when it came out. 🙂 I’m just mad that the filmmakers strayed so far from the book. And, boy, they messed PC up. I mean, if Peter remembered enough of his life in Narnia to be angry that he wasn’t treated like a king in England–why didn’t he remember military strategy and realize that his night raid idea wouldn’t work? *rolls eyes*

      Actually…I think there’s is some set-up in Susan’s character for her change; maybe not as much as much as modern readers would like, but in PC, Aslan tells Susan that she listened to her fears. And her fear made her initially deny the truth in PC, so it’s not a stretch to assume that happened to her again.

      3.) Thanks! I drew it while my siblings and I were watching The Way We Live Now, so that was fun. Scribbling is a fast way to fill in the background. 🙂

      4.) *looks at sunset pic again* Y’know, I see how it looks like something out of the Star Trek universe. Or it could be one of the moons of Tatooine.

      5.) Yeah, you’re right about the contrast. I could have put some darker browns or something in there. *makes mental note* Thanks for the critique!

      6.) SYDNEY IS SO SAD! Also, his messy hair is fun to draw.

      7.) Thank you!! I love imagining Durant playing with his nephews–he takes them swimming or exploring, and roughhouses with them in the evening when they still need to burn off energy. (Ooh, yay that you could tell the kid was a boy!) That little baby fist clutching the sleeve gives me such feels! Now I’ve gotta draw the rest of Durant’s family…

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