Writers’ Camp: Day 7

This will be a rambling post because (a) I’m late again and (b) fighting sickness that hit out of the blue, and (c) haven’t really organized my thoughts on this topic.

This day will cover the importance on positive strong friendships,and family bonds. We’ll discuss books (or TV Shows/Movies) with a positive angle to these topics, as well as books (or TV Shows/Movies) With a negative angle.

One story that covers the importance of strong family relationships is An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott.  Polly Milton lives with her city cousins for a while and has to sift through the modern (for 1870) fashions and attitudes.  She struggles with jealousy sometimes because of the fashionable life her cousins lead, yet Polly is also shocked at how divided the family is.  The father, while a good man, works too much to spend time with his family; the mother is a “nervous, fussy invalid,” and the cousins bicker and fight–once, quite literally–nag and insult each other, and often complain about each other to Polly.  Polly, by contrast, has good, though not perfect, relationships with her parents and siblings.  She admits she sometimes argues with her siblings, but that they also apologize afterwards, and she tries to encourage her cousins to be more patient and forbearing with each other.

An Old-Fashioned Girl is really about remaining obedient to what you know is right, a challenge for Polly as lives among modern, immodest (well, for 1870) fashions and the attitudes.  But family relationships fit into that theme.

The TV show The Waltons showed an interesting aspect of a parent-child relationship.  I wouldn’t call the show an example of good family relationships; the kids bicker and fight a lot.  But the parents struggle a little as their eldest children hit adult milestones–Olivia has to release her motherly protectiveness of her eldest son and let him become his own man.  And while John understands the need for John-Boy to make his own decisions as an adult (and encourages him to do so), he is a little more wary of letting his eldest daughter go out into the world.

As I said a while back, I haven’t read much modern literature, and the ancient/classic literature I read often has good brother-sister relationships, or else shows that the divisions are harmful. And I’m not crazy about TV shows in general.  So can’t think of any more positive relationships or poorly done relationships at the moment.  Also I’m sick and can’t think straight, so maybe I’ll update this post later.  🙂


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