Picture Saturday

First, a couple of notes–I’m still sick, but also making a slow recovery.  Which is why my blog has been a silent, bare place with cyber-tumbleweeds drifting here and there. This virus flattened my whole family except Mom, who has been Superwoman through checking on the sickies, administering medicine, going to Chick-Fil-A (again and again and again) to bring back soup, taking people and from the doctor, picking up prescriptions–oh, and coordinating the church potluck we were supposed to host as family (but now it’s down to just her and Gingersnap, who has also gotten better).  I am thankful Mama hasn’t gotten sick, that Enkie (my other sister) and Chris are getting better, and that Emmet and I got to see the doctor yesterday.

But before the virus hit so hard, I did get four pieces of artwork done…

52-Blue Punpkin

I saw a picture of a blue pumpkin on Pinterest.  Blue pumpkin?  Unusual, but neat.  So of course I had to draw it.  And it’s fitting because September is here!

53-Pumpkin on Hay Bale

I have always liked drawing pumpkins.

54-Pearl Necklace

Doodle of a pearl necklace.

And I might have drawn Sydney Carton again…

55-Sydney, wandering the streets

That’s all for now; hopefully, I’ll have more artwork next time!








2 thoughts on “Picture Saturday

  1. Aw good, I”m glad you’re feeling better. (How is it that Mom’s always manage to stay ahead of the virus and continue on like some sort of superhuman? It must be something that happens when you become a mom. XD)


    Hahah, I don’t usually get into the whole “pumpkin” mood until the end of September, beginning of October. I’m going to refrain from doing the “Squee I LOVE OCTOBER” post this year, because someone pointed out last time that I’ve done almost identical posts about how much I love that month practically every year that I’ve been blogging lol…

    Oooh pretty pearls. 🙂

    SYDNEY. WOW OKAY listen up. Highlights on his face = on point. Such good. I love it. 🙂

    • Christine Eyre says:

      Thanks! And me too. 🙂 Also, my siblings are getting better, so that is an additional comfort. And I’m thankful God has kept Mom from getting sick!

      Isn’t it unique? I didn’t know there could be blue pumpkins…

      Hey, I love October too! All autumn, actually, but where I live, October is when the temperatures begin to cool down. However, because it takes so long to cool down, when September 1 hits, I go, “Okay, now it’s Fall; get out the autumn decorations!” We can enjoy the look of autumn even before the temps cool down. 🙂

      Thanks! Referenced from another picture on Pinterest. Pinterest is awesome.

      THANK YOU! I loved drawing and highlighting those cheekbones!

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