Picture Saturday–From the Archives

My whole family and I are still getting over lingering effects of illness.  We’re feeling a lot better than we were early this week and late last week–but unfortunately, I don’t have any new artwork to show.  So today’s Picture Saturday will be old drawings.

Old, as in, within the last year or two.  🙂  And it will be exclusively Phantom of the Opera fan art as well.


While working on this, I learned how to properly use my 2H and HB pencils.  See, I used to employ the 2B–7B to “color” the drawing–e.g. “color” the lightest values with a 2B and then use 3B for light-ish “colors” and 4B for medium shades, and so on.  It never worked; the drawings always turned out smudged and muddy.  But for this drawing, I used the 2H and HB pencils to sketch the shadows and then deepen the values, layer by layer.  A much cleaner, crisper shadow transition.


I drew this on impulse from a screencap from the 2004 film.  And of course, only as I prepare to post the drawing, do I notice that the lantern is crooked.  Oh well.


This has got to be one of my favorite drawings!  I loved the lighting in that scene and just had to capture it.  Blue pastel paper conveys the pre-dawn lighting quite well.


And here’s the companion piece!  I have these drawings in matching frames on my wall.  This scene in the film is one of my favorites: the early morning atmosphere, the violin music in the background, Christine unwittingly entering danger and Raoul dashing after her in desperation…it’s beautifully haunting.


A couple of sketches–which I forced myself to leave rough–of Raoul from the film.  Here, he’s sliding down a rope from Box 5 to the floor of the opera house.  At least he knows the shortest distance between two points.  🙂


And here, he’s dashing backstage to make sure Christine is all right.  Such a jerk.  #sarcasm


This is actually Book-Christine, and I deliberately drew her face turned away and with the objects around her as clues to her identity.  She’s wearing a scarf and holding a picture of Raoul (drawing?  Photograph?  You decide).  On the table is a photograph of her father in a frame, a stack of letters, a sheet of music, her father’s violin bow, and a playbill from Faust (the opera featured in the book).  And a rose on the windowsill as a nod to the stage show.  The pearls are there just because I thought they would look good on the table.



Sierra Boggess as Christine.  This was supposed to be a doodle, but I got carried away with the shading.  That happens often…



Sarah Brightman as Christine!  Referenced from a promotional shot, mainly because I wanted to practice drawing poses, and using my colored pencils.  I like how the folds on her dress turned out.

That’s all for now!






2 thoughts on “Picture Saturday–From the Archives

  1. As I’ve said, UUUUGH YOUR PHANTOM ART IS SO PRETTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I love the one of Raoul on the blue toned paper! (I think I repinned it…) BUT HOLLA THE ONE OF THE BOOK CHRISTINE IS SO GOOD! I love the way the light’s hitting her hair. Le Perfect. 😉

    • Christine Eyre says:

      Thank you! I want to do more soon; I’ve found a bunch of reference photos for some Raoul/Christine fluff!

      Blue pastel paper worked well for that scene. 🙂 And people complain about Movie-Raoul’s hair, but it sure is fun to draw! I loved Raoul in that scene; he’s so earnest and worried and protective. He dashes after Christine without bothering to put on his coat…which really should squash the “fop” myth right there.

      Thanks! I like how the lighting turned out as well.

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