Picture Saturday–Watercolors & Phanart!

Did you know I paint with watercolors?  This started back in 2011 after a couple of dear elderly friends passed away.  The widows would be alone that Christmas, and so I decided to send them Christmas cards.  And I decided to paint the frontispieces myself, because I wanted the cards to be handmade.  Those first paintings were disproportionate and messy, but the recipients liked the cards nonetheless.  🙂

I’ve kept the tradition of sending those Christmas cards, and overtime, I’ve read tutorials and practiced and learned how to use watercolors better.

All that said, I hadn’t painted much this year–it takes time, and I was either busy or tired.  But early this week, I got out all those supplies, and cranked out three paintings in two days.  New artist record for me!  And it was good to paint again.


Because I hadn’t painted in a while, I warmed up with this freehand (i.e. little or no line art) of a winter landscape.  I particularly like the way the colors in the sky turned out.



This one is a re-paint of a subject I did earlier this year.  In my first attempt, the background was chalky and caked up, which ruins the quality of watercolor.  This version turned out better, although the colors did cake up a little here and there.  You probably can’t tell, though, unless you’re a watercolor artist yourself.  Or a perfectionist.  🙂



And then I painted this, referenced from a photograph I took of Granddad’s tomatoes.

Watercolor paintings are not all I did this week…


A girl in the water–I used a photo I found on Pinterest as reference.  I wanted to capture the hazy, little-to-no contrast of the dress under the water, and the texture of the wet hair.



Christine and Raoul fluff!  I think the phandom needs more Christine/Raoul fanart (though some artists do create it), and definitely needs more fluff fanart.  I mean, they’re in love, aren’t they?  And they need some lighthearted moments after all they went through.

Speaking of what they went through…


…they had to have suffered post-traumatic stress of some kind.  Possibly flashbacks, possibly nightmares, perhaps difficulty trusting anyone (besides each other), and maybe fear of losing each other.  I could see Raoul becoming somewhat over-protective as a result.  Anyway, in this picture, they’ve been married for a few months, and Christine had a nightmare.  So Raoul is comforting her.

As a side note, I drew this in maybe 2 1/2 hours, which is lightening-fast for me.  Also, I had a lot of fun drawing Raoul’s messy hair.  🙂

I am definitely drawing more Christine/Raoul fluff next week!












2 thoughts on “Picture Saturday–Watercolors & Phanart!

  1. Isabella DeLallo says:

    Wow, your drawings are so incredible! I love the one where Raoul is hugging Christine. Why can no one understand that being with the Phantom would have been horrible for poor Christine? Talk about abusive/unstable relationship!! Raoul was good for her. They gave each other light and happiness.

    Great pictures! Love your coloring! The tomatoes look like something you’d see in those old, famous paintings.

    • Christine Eyre says:

      Thank you so much! I agree, the Phantom would not have been a good husband for Christine. I do think he truly loved her, and he would try to make her happy but…since he manipulated her so much, it would be hard for her to trust him again, to be happy, to live with him underground. Which is why her willingness to do so at the end of “Final Lair” is so powerful. But yeah, Raoul is totally the better partner. Plus, he’s a sweetheart! And I love drawing Christine/Raoul fluff; it makes me happy!

      Ooh, I’m flattered my tomatoes look like an old masterpiece. Maybe I should have called the painting “Still Life with Tomatoes”? 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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