Still Dealing with Sickness…

So.  I can’t say I’m recovering; more accurately, I recover a little and then relapse a bit.  For example, when I went back to the doctor on Tuesday, we found my lungs were clear; but I’ve started coughing and wheezing again.  I’m not sure if the symptoms are the dregs of the sickness trying to get out, or if I’m relapsing, or simply caught another virus while my immune system was struggling, or from some other reason entirely.

Actually, a large contributor to the sickness is my compromised immune system.  My body does not produce enough white blood cells to function properly in health or sickness.  In fact, when doctors first discovered this (I was 13), the nurse told Dad that my white blood cell count was lower than that of a chemo patient.  While my white blood cell count is not quite that low anymore, it has remained abnormally low for 11 years and makes it difficult for me to recover from any infection.  We’re currently at 4 weeks and counting.  🙂

Though I have very few brain cells at the moment, I’ve kept reading and have finished both The Secret Garden and Prince Caspian.  (Three Roads to the Alamo had to wait for a little while because it was hard to focus on a new non-fiction volume.)  Not sure which fiction volume to read next.

I also set up a new system for recording story notes.  I stumbled across this post and liked the general idea, but also modified it.  I decided to devote a whole notebook to one story, and I divided the pages into the categories “General Notes,” “Character Notes,” “World Building,” and “Timeline.”  It’s a handy way to record notes and keep them organized–and writing manually helps me remember the ideas better than typing them, and I can mull them over better and decide what works and what doesn’t.  The notebook also lacks the glare of a computer screen.

A less conventional (and sometimes less efficient) method of recording ideas is Pinterest.  I am visually stimulated, and pinning pictures helps jump start ideas and clarify and deepen my mental images.  I also use the caption space to remind me why I pinned the picture and hint at the action, e.g. Deceptively calm creekShacks for the settlers?  Or the beginnings of a town?  Luke “helping” his mama.  My story boards are secret, partly because I don’t want anyone stealing my ideas and partly because I sometimes screenshot or upload pictures, which means the credit or source website is lost.  Which is not a problem for private use, but I’d want to give credit otherwise.

Anyway, all that’s what’s I’ve been up to recently, and maybe I can get back to consistent blogging soon.

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