Thanksgiving Tag!

I absolutely love blog tags and memes, and it made my day to see that Bella tagged me!  (Thanks, Bella!)  Go check out her tag; she gave some great answers.

What are you most Thankful for?

A lot…but this year, I was particularly grateful for:

  1. The freedom to elect our leaders. I fuss about how the federal government violates the Constitution (verbally, if not yet on the blog).  But the American people still have enormous legal and political freedom.  No, our leaders do not uphold the cornerstone of our laws.  But political control over the country could be a lot more restricting and dangerous.
  2. The blessings God has given our family, such as our house, a home in a safe neighborhood, our delicious Thanksgiving food, my laptop, my drawing supplies, our sweet fluffy dog, the list goes on.  🙂
  3. My health problems. I’ve struggled with a compromised immune system for years, and the number one symptom is fatigue.  Sometimes a task as simple as loading the dishwasher wears me out.  And I am a type A person, y’all, not to mention that I take all my responsibilities seriously.  And just can’t fulfill them consistently.  However, in the 10 or so years I’ve struggled with this, I’ve become more compassionate, which is not a trait I’ve had naturally.  The weakness has forced me to pray constantly, to rely on God for strength I do not have.  It’s taught me perseverance.  And it’s definitely given me a lot of writing material.  It was only recently that I matured to where I was truly thankful for those difficulties—but this year, I can see the blessings from them.
  4. Little things that make me happy, like a nice, tidy backyard, the way the sun falls on the trees, lunch heated up to just the right temperature, coffee in a pretty mug, and illustrations in my favorite books.

What is your main source of Happiness?

Definitely writing.  Also pondering God and His character and creation.  (Seriously, think for a while about how perfectly He designed the physical world and how its details fit together, and you’ll end up amazed and humbled.)  And watching my siblings talk and play together.

What are some dreams and goals to Aim for?

Let’s see…I’d like to (finally) finish writing a picture book that I started a couple of years ago.  If you thought a picture book was easy because it’s short, well, not necessarily.  And certainly not in my case; I think it’s because I’m so used to reading and thinking on complicated and multiple levels, that sticking to one plot (no subplots, aaarrgh!!!) and one point-of-view is a challenge.  But I’ll stick with the project and Lord willing, get it finished eventually.

I’d also like to continue singing lessons and learning how to use my voice.  And I always want to grow in Christ, grow closer to God and trust Him more and more.

Who is a Neighbor you are especially grateful for, or have recently found friendship with?

Going stretch this one a bit and apply it to friends (I don’t know the people in my neighborhood very well).  And one friend I’m very grateful for is Julia.  We met at the wedding shower of a mutual friend in February, and Julia and I started talking about our siblings.  I was impressed and pleased that she valued friendship with her siblings the way I valued friendship with mine; we both enjoyed spending time with our siblings and took seriously the fact that they copy our examples (we’re both the eldest in our families).  From there, we discovered that we’re both writers, avid readers, and history buffs–she’s studied the Revolutionary and Civil wars; I’ve studied the British political landscape of the 1830s.  We talked about literature, history, and classics; we swapped book recommendations and discussed favorite films and how well or poorly a book was adapted.  We exchanged email addresses that night and have been emailing ever since.

Another friend I’m thankful for is Bella.  We struck up an acquaintance over the Tale of Two Cities musical, and chatted via Pinterest messages about both the book and the musical.  We’ve also discussed other musicals (such as The Phantom of the Opera), and talked about music, writing, and storytelling.

And a third friend I’m thankful for is Treskie.  She has a fantastic art blog, and I look forward to her Picture Saturday posts every week.  We’ve discussed art as well, and critiqued each other’s artwork.

What are some acts of Kindness you will always remember or treasure?

Julia’s prayers during my recent fight with pneumonia.  I would often e-mail her to let her know what was going on and ask for prayer, and she always let me know she was praying and offered encouragement.  And on a similar note, Gingersnap’s friend Krista also prayed for my healing, which was sweet and special because Krista knows me through Gingersnap and not personally.

What are some Special Thanksgiving Memories or Traditions?

Honestly, the most cherished Thanksgiving memories and traditions are of just being with my family for the holidays.  Dad gets to stay home for a couple of days, which is really the highlight of the holiday (his work schedule is hectic the rest of the year).  We relax and chill for the holiday and have lively conversations around the Thanksgiving table and in the living room afterward.  Sometimes we play games as a family; sometimes we go out for a treat–last year, we went to see the Peanuts movie in theaters.

Now I get to tag someone else!  *rubs hands*  I tag Treskie, Julia, and all my siblings!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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