Fifteen-Day Character Challenge: Animated Movies

I’m joining Bella for the Fifteen Day Character Challenge—she’s discussing anime characters, and I’m talking about animated/cartoon characters in general.  I’m also a day late in publishing this, and therefore, Days 1 and 2 get to share a post.   🙂

First character you absolutely loved.

When I was a kid, it would have been a toss-up between Madeline (from the animated films based on Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline books), Duchess from The Aristocats, or any of the characters from the animated Charlotte’s Web.  (I still remember some of the songs from that film!)  Though I can’t remember why I liked Madeline and the barnyard animals, I liked Duchess because she was a cat.  I’ve always loved cats.

As an adult, I still like Duchess; she’s dignified but personable, and requires polite and controlled behavior from her kittens, yet she has a streak of adventurous spirit despite her sheltered life.

Character you never expected to love.

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.  I knew there would be dragons in the film.  What I didn’t expect was how hilarious and sometimes cute Toothless was.  (Who knew a dragon could be cute?)

Toothless is at heart like any other pet: curious and playful, yet cautious; loyal, but sometimes with a mind of his own; generally obedient, yet sometimes evading Hiccup’s attempts to saddle and ride him.  It’s a familiar animal personality, but also unique because, well, he’s a dragon.

Anyway, Toothless is both adorable and fearsome, and probably I’m not the only viewer who ended up surprised at how attached I could get to an animated dragon.  🙂


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