Picture Wednesday

Temporarily changing these posts to Wednesday; not sure it will stay that way, but the middle of the week seems like a good time to show what I’ve already accomplished and to prompt me to continue drawing through the rest of the week.

The first piece of artwork is brought to you by New Year’s Day itself.  The name of the piece is *drumroll*–“Mankind’s Greatest Achievement: Seedless Strawberries.”

Also known as “My attempt to make it seem like leaving seeds off the strawberries was a thought-out choice, not an aspect I simply forgot to add.”  And I’m just kidding about those titles.  The title of the drawing is actually “Strawberry sketch”.  Because titles pour from ‘neath my typing fingers with the eloquence of the ages.

Along with sarcasm.  🙂

I’m proud of this painting because I sketched the line art and painted the scenery entirely from memory.  I wanted to capture the fresh, green color of tree leaves against grey clouds.  And on the paper, the trees are a cool green, and the clouds are a warm grey, but for some reason, the digital screen scrambled the colors.  Oh, well.

Now this was a mixed media experiment.  I used Sepia watercolor and white gouache on toned pastel paper.  To my surprise and delight, the pastel paper held the paint quite well, well enough to handle several washes before the paper started peeling.  Also to my surprise, though the paper wrinkled when wet, it dried completely flat.  (What looks like buckled paper in the scan is actually how the paint pooled and dried.)  This may become my new favorite technique–it has the look of my graphite/toned paper drawings, but the fluid smoothness of watercolor.  And Enkie says this painting looks rather like one of those old-time sepia photographs.

Now that autumn is over, it makes sense to paint an autumn picture, right?  Actually, I stumbled across the line art for this in one of my sketchbooks; I had scribbled this landscape months ago and then forgotten about it.  It’s a pleasant surprise to find good artwork while spring cleaning your supplies.

Originally did this in colored pencil; finally rendered it in watercolor.  And once again, the watercolor version is my favorite.  Maybe I’d better figure out what subjects or landscapes I prefer in colored pencil…

I used a technique called “glazing,” which is painting over one color with another.  In this case, glazing pink over yellow and then indigo over pink created more vibrant bands of color than using pre-mixed colors of orange and blue-violet.  I’d used the glazing technique before, but not for a whole painting, and not with such brilliant results.  *adds technique to art knowledge arsenal*

Another free hand, New Mexican landscape, and a painting that I like much better than my last attempt.

That’s all for now!










2 thoughts on “Picture Wednesday

  1. Hehehe, your comments on the strawberries cracked me up.

    OH WOW okay so those watercolor trees? They look so good! *boing boing boing* They look like they’d have a really good bible verse written on them, you know?

    lol daaaaaang that contrast! I love that one! You’re out there trying all these different mediums and I’m just like, “Pencil. Copics. Lalala.” BUT WOW. Did you use Patrick… Patrick-what’s-his’face- from Phantom for that picture?

    Oooh the glazing in that picture is good. (Hey, if you ever get a chance, you should look up videos of CriscoArt painting. The guy… is SO AMAZING LIKE GOSH.

    And wow, that Mexico landscape is quite good. You’re quite good.


    • Christine Eyre says:

      Heehee, glad you liked the strawberry comments. I got stuck on what to write, and so out came sarcasm and satire. 🙂

      Thank you! Ooh, that’s a great idea–maybe I’ll Photoshop a Bible verse on them one of these days. Maybe a verse from the 23rd Psalm (one of my favorite Psalms).

      THANK YOU! That one is probably my favorite painting of the New Year (so far). I really just combined the art materials already on hand–I’ve had the pastel paper and gouache for a while and haven’t used them much, and then thought “Why not?” 🙂 Yes, I used a picture of Patrick Wilson as a reference! He played William Barrett Travis in the 2004 Alamo film (and did a remarkable job).

      Also, your artwork inspires me a good deal; after reading your Picture Saturday posts, I often think, “Okay, now I want to draw more!” All through 2017, really. So thank you for the inspiration!

      Thank you! I want to use that technique more often. *goes to look up CriscoArt* Wow, he is good!

      Thanks!–New Mexican landscapes are fun to paint. Something about the vastness and the crisp colors and high contrast of light and shadow.


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