Thoughts on the 2017 Presidential Inauguration

In a couple of words: solemn and apprehensive. I was afraid of an attack or revolt somewhere during the ceremony and prayed for the safety of everyone there.  President-Elect Trump certainly looked more controlled and sober during this ceremony than during his campaign.  For the record, I did not like the behavior or character of either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, but since we had to choose, I would rather have Trump as President.  But I will keep an eye on his actions and policies, and call Washington if he threatens to violate anyone’s constitutional rights.

The ceremonial prayers and hymns also created mixed feelings.  I guess it’s good that we still have hymns and prayers as part of the inauguration ceremony; but as a nation, we’ve fallen so far from genuinely believing and worshiping God, that those aspects of the ceremony felt a little hollow.

On the other hand, Vice-President Elect Mike Pence had conviction in his voice as he took the oath, especially his last words, “So help me God.”

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address was positive and general: we the people gather peacefully to transfer power, America is the greatest nation in the world, etc., etc.  But then he said that the ceremony represented a transfer of power not only from one president to the next, but from the government to the people.  He went on to say that previously, the government protected itself, and the American people were left behind, excluded, ignored.  And he promised that that would change, that “the United States of America is your country.”  He then said, “It matters not which party controls the government, but whether the government is controlled by the people.”

He focused on the fact that as a nation, we’ve focused more on other countries than our own; that we’ve protected other nation’s borders, but not our own.  Funded other nation’s armies rather than our own.  And, of course, he wants to change that.  He said that the oath he took as President was an oath to the people of America.  He wants to put America first, to make every policy decision with American welfare in mind.

Sounds good.  My question, though is whether he will act on those words.  We shall see.

And though our nation has fallen from what it was created to be, though the current leaders have been taking on more and more power than the Constitution gives, we the people do still have the freedom to elect our leaders, to influence our leaders, to request or oppose action from them.  Our freedom of speech, right to bear arms, right to vote, and other rights are still protected under the Constitution.  And I am incredibly thankful for the freedoms we have.

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