Artwork Wednesday – More Fabric Crafts

Once again, I did more weaving and crocheting than drawing over the last few weeks.  I’ll return to consistent drawing soon; Chris gave me a couple of art commissions, and I want to draw my characters and to paint in larger formats than the 5″x6″ and 6″x8″ sized paintings I keep doing.

But until then, fabric crafts get the spotlight.  🙂

Remember that woven bag I was working on?  I finished it–days ago, actually, and have used it to carry around my art supplies.

I love the stripes in southwestern-ish colors.  And this bag makes it so easy to transport my stuff; previously, I piled the supplies on a sketchbook and hope I didn’t trip over something as I relocated!

Here’s the dry media I use most often: sketchbook of toned paper (the green book way in the back); sketchbook of white paper (the black book); case of colored pencils (the pink thing); case of graphite pencils (blue thing), and erasers and pencil sharpeners (in the little plastic boxes).  I’ve also taken to slipping my phone, ipod, and reading material in the bag (I’m currently reading Henry V and Fahrenheit 451).

I liked that bag so much that I made a second one.

This pattern is modeled after American Girl Josefina’s work skirt in the second book of her series.  I had so much fun weaving this, and I love how it turned out.

My weaving and crocheting stuff lives in there, though I may use it as a going-to-town purse every now and then.

Speaking of crocheting…

I made a new tree skirt for my hobby tree.  The camera didn’t pick up the color well, but the fabric is a soft lavender shade that actually matches the woodsy red and green.  Also, I successfully learned to increase and decrease stitches with this project.

Then I made this cake for Emmet recently:

He came up with the design and the idea to pipe those dots on the side of the cake to look like Lego studs.

And then I drew a picture of my character, Lennox.  I want to draw more pictures of him; he’s so vivid in my imagination.

That’s all for now!







2 thoughts on “Artwork Wednesday – More Fabric Crafts

  1. *kicks over table, throws open door* TRESKIE’S BACK.


    Hi! First off, Dang that art supply bag turned out so lovely! Wow!

    Secondly, Cake decorating is definitely something you should be considering cause wow.

    Third OOOH LENNOX. Dem highlights doh. lol 🙂

    • Christine Eyre says:

      *extends arms wide in welcome* GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK!

      Thank you! I use it all the time, and it’s held up well and even survived the washer and dryer! (I was a little apprehensive about washes it haha).

      Y’know, I’ve actually been cake decorating for about 10 years. I’ve even made a wedding cake, groom’s cake, and anniversary cake for friends at church, but lately, I haven’t gotten any orders. 🙂 But decorating is fun when I have the chance!

      Thank you!! Highlights on toned paper are so much fun 🙂

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