Writing Tip #3: Make Up Extra Stories

Um, you know writers make up stories all the right, right?  It’s part of the job description.

I get that.  But I’m talking about creating random stories about your characters.  Coming up with disasters and sticky situations that may never make it into the plot, and imagining how the characters react.  The idea is to get to know them better.  How would they handle the Hunger Games?  Being stuck in a flash flood with a child?  On a blind date?

Or just imagine how your character would react to whatever you’re doing right now.  How does he react to a room full of loud Minecraft players while he’s trying to concentrate?  (May or may not be based on actual experience.  🙂 )  What if he had to do the dishes when he wasn’t expecting to?  How would he react, and what would he think?  What if he had to do those dishes with the character he finds most annoying?

And who knows, those random and crisis situations may give you plot ideas as well.  🙂

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