Even More Narnia Musings

I’ve been thinking about the characters on and off all weekend, about their amazing differences and strengths.  I even created character boards on Pinterest for Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, and Caspian.  And I’ll probably create more Narnia character boards later.

I also want to read the books again soon and draw the characters.  It’s about time somebody drew Caspian with blond hair–I’ve seen only one artist do that (artist Dawn D. Davidson, although I can’t find her DeviantArt account now.  She must have deactivated it).

Headcanon collection #3:

  • Never underestimate how righteously indignant Edmund can get on behalf of his friends and family.
  • He can be found with a book half the time.
  • The other half of the time, he’s out and about, playing sports or going somewhere important.
  • Edmund’s middle name is James.  (I’ve had that headcanon ever since I was a kid!)
  • He decided to go to Oxford after graduating school.
  • Caspian wears this silver pendant thing while sailing on the Dawn Treader.  No idea why; he just likes it.
  • Once Caspian becomes close to the Pevensies, he lets himself be far more cheerful and informal* and generally says what he thinks.
  • And the Pevensies are the only friends he can do that with.  (Doctor Cornelius was more of a guide and tutor than a comrade).
  • Caspian prefers casual or informal outfits to court finery.  He never feels fully himself when all dressed up.
  • Susan is kinesthetic** (a hands-on learner).  One reason she’s so good at archery, but not much good at schoolwork.
  • She is also good at handling interpersonal conflict.  She’s gracious yet focused.
  • There are times, however, when she gets very annoyed with others’ stubbornness and rudeness.
  • Susan likes wearing simple but pretty sweaters.
  • Lucy likes to paint with watercolors.  And always makes a huge mess on the table with her papers and paints.
  • Paint often ends up in Lucy’s hair.
  • Susan insists on combing Lucy’s hair after a painting episode and scrubbing out any color.
  • Therefore, Lucy took to cleaning up her paints in record time and fleeing the general area until Susan was thoroughly involved in something else.
  • Which is how Lucy made it out the door once with a streak of purple paint in her yellow hair.
  • Actually, she cleans her art mess only half the time.  The other half finds her abandoning the project for another interesting activity.  (She would get distracted while waiting for the paint to dry.)
  • Similar incidents of books/playthings/games/projects abandoned in this manner can usually be traced to Lucy.
  • If Peter needs the dining room table when Lucy’s paints are out, he (gently) pushes the paint supplies to the middle of the table and uses the cleared end.
  • Edmund just sets his books and papers amid the mess and works around it.
  • Peter hates visiting the Scrubbs (before Eustace was un-dragoned, especially).  There’s very little to do, the food is revolting, and he always gets the idea that Aunt Alberta judges his parents for their lifestyle choices–among other things, the schools they chose for their children, the storybooks they let them read, and the activities they let them do.
  • Not to mention that Eustace acts as though he is superior to his elder cousins because of his great knowledge of Facts.  Peter knows good and well that Eustace would be overwhelmed by any real scrape, and tries to keep an eye on him whenever there’s a possibility of something going wrong.
  • Aunt Alberta dislikes Peter because of his take-charge and protective nature.  She fears he will grow up to be a demeaning sort of person.
  • Susan tries to be gracious and welcoming whenever her cousins come over, and listens patiently (if reluctantly) to Eustace’s endless recitation of Facts and Aunt Alberta’s feminist lectures.
  • Edmund hides when his cousins come over.
  • Lucy finds his hiding places and joins him.  Before LWW, this was the only thing he would willingly share with his little sister.
  • Occasionally, Peter finds their hiding places and requires that his siblings come out and be polite to their guests, while admitting it was the last thing he wanted to do himself.  But that made no difference–they had to be respectful.
  • Other times, however, Peter just lets them hide, not wanting to subject them to this rot.

*Canon based, actually.  Look at the difference between his behavior around his men, the governor of the Lone Islands, and Ramandu and his daughter, and his behavior around the Pevensies.

**Also canon based.  Lewis said she was not much good at schoolwork (though otherwise old for her age)–and that she was good at more hands-on activities.

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