Writing Tip #4 – Give It A Shot

How many times has this happened?–you put off writing because of external distractions. I can’t focus now; there’s too much noise. I won’t be able to write much–I’m too tired. It’s pointless to write now; I can’t get much done in five minutes.  There’s always an excuse not to write.

And yet you can always give it a shot. The least you can do is try, even if you end up writing just a couple of sentences.  Two sentences is two more than you had before–so that’s progress!

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to think this way.  Those hypothetical two sentences feel like a drop in the bucket, and might as well not exist.

But think of the matter this way: each time you write even if you don’t think you’ll accomplish much–you’re developing good habits and consistency. Which will, over time, add up to writing more and more every time you sit down and try.

And who knows?–when you give it a shot, you may surprise yourself and write more than you expected. 🙂

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