Writing Tip #13 – Muscle Through It

Sometimes, you get stuck on a scene that’s dry and stale and is incredibly hard to write–and the problem doesn’t have an easy fix, and all those writer blogs and articles are no help.  Sometimes, you just have to push through and write that stiff-sounding scene.  But as you push through, think in terms of little victories or progresses–two new sentences is two more than you had before.  One paragraph added is one more than you had before. If you disciplined yourself to write even though you didn’t want to, that’s good.

My sister finds it helpful to write funny notes to herself in parenthesis so she has something to laugh at as she reads back through the difficult scene.  I notice which phrases or snippets of dialogue are good even if the rest of the prose seems dry.  Listening to music is always a great motivator.  And remember, the sooner you muscle through and write that difficult scene, the sooner it’ll be over with!

2 thoughts on “Writing Tip #13 – Muscle Through It

    • Christine Eyre says:

      Thank you! It’s not fun to apply, but it does work. 🙂 Oh, that’s cool! That does make the process a little easier! 🙂

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