Artwork Post – Long Overdue

I’m so sorry, guys.  I didn’t mean to wait this long!  Initially, I had very little artwork to post; then I got busy; then I got sick.  But when sick, I always get the urge to draw (putting the down time to good use, I guess), so behold an avalanche of artwork!

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a colored pencil tutorial book at Hobby Lobby and studied it thoroughly.  One technique looked interesting: laying down the values of the drawing with a black (or brown) pencil before adding color.  So I gave it a try…

The black-and-white values as the first layer…

…and here’s the finished product!  I like this technique!  Though it’s not the only one in the book; I’ll try some of the others later.

Another pencil drawing with the same technique (called “grisaille”), except this time, I used a black pencil to draw the values of the trees and a brown pencil for the values everywhere else, since the rest of the picture wasn’t supposed to be as dark.

The book also explained how to get rid of that white-ish waxy buildup that happens after several layers of color: rub the picture, lightest parts first, with a cloth or paper towel until the colors are uniformly smooth.  It’s one way to get rid of the sketchy pencil look that I complained about in my New Year’s artwork post.

Sloppy doodle of Charles Darnay on computer paper, done while listening to A Tale of Two Cities musical soundtrack.

Sketch of James Barbour as Sydney Carton, done while watching A Tale of Two Cities concert (and simultaneously dying inside of feels).

Slightly crooked drawing of Lennox, my character from Empty Clockwork, laughing at something.  He’s a generally cheerful fellow.  🙂

Drawing that I intended to be Mary, from my western story, but it didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted.  So it’s just a random girl putting her hair up.

It’s a head canon of mine that Susan Pevensie reads her mother’s old Good Housekeeping magazines, so here Susan is, curled up and studying household economy.  Also, I drew that pose entirely from my head with no reference!

Although I chickened out at drawing feet and so covered them with the blanket.  🙂

Once the children grew up in Narnia, Lewis describes Susan as “a tall and gracious woman”, so here she is, welcoming visiting dignitaries or ambassadors, or people like that (and hey, at least I tried to draw hands!).  I don’t see Susan being a flashy dresser or weighed down with elegance and jewelry; she’s sensible and practical, and would probably favor a sensible and practical style, though also one that befits her rank.  The place she would splurge with ornaments, however, would be her hair; you have all that gorgeous hair, and you’re going to want to do something special with it.

The Pevensies and Caspian discover fanfiction of their stories.  From left to right: Caspian, Edmund (standing), Peter, Susan (also standing), and Lucy.  Behold also my awesome back-of-the-computer-screen drawing skills (haha), though I am inordinately proud of that mouse and mouse pad, for some reason.

Drawing may or may not have been inspired from a real life pet peeve.  🙂

That’s all for now!







10 thoughts on “Artwork Post – Long Overdue

  1. Hoooo there, girlie!

    I’m not even gonna apologize for being so not here, cause I have a feeling it’s gonna happen again and then I feel bad lol.

    It’s really cool seeing your art, ma’am, cause I can see improvement in almost every blogpost.

    sooooo here we go.

    1.) Ooooh I really like your nature pics, you’re really good at them. (Also, is that a jean skirt I spy?)
    2.) That’s a good coloring technique, I like it a lot. It gives a lot of depth to your pictures.
    3.)THAT LAKE LOOKS AMAZING. (Also, you might consider looking up Emerald Bay for reference pics)
    5.) That Sidney looks fabulous.
    6.) Lennox looks so happy. 🙂 (Nice work on the teeth. teeth are hard.)
    7.) Girls doing hair is so freakishly weird to draw. LIke WHY DON’T THE HANDS LOOK RIIIIGHT?
    8.) HAHA I have been guilty of hiding feet as well. How do you even feet.
    9.) Awww look at Susan being all diplomatic and stuff.
    10.) REASON NUMBER #234 WHY I DON’T READ FANFICTION. lol. But yessss that picture’s awesome and hilarious and that mouse is indeed quite good.

    Okay Treskie out.

    • Christine Eyre says:

      Hiya! Good to see ya!

      Haha, don’t worry, I understand. 🙂 There was a time I fell maybe 3 weeks behind on your Picture Saturday posts…*winces in shame*

      Oh, thank you so much! *blushes*

      1) Ooh, thank you! I LOVE drawing desert sunsets. Something about them is just so beautifully rugged and wild. Plus, they’re fairly easy to draw, especially silhouettes against the sunset sky. Jean skirt–yes! I rock ’em!!! 🙂

      2) Thank you! I love that my colored pencil drawings don’t look “scratchy” anymore. And depth is something I’ve struggled with, now that I think about it, in graphite, watercolor, and colored pencil. Slowly figure it out!

      3) THANK YOU SO MUCH! Even *I* was pleased with how it turned out! (Which is A Big Deal when it’s your own art you’re considering, haha!) Oh my goodness–I looked up Emerald Bay, and it is GORGEOUS! I’ve got to color or paint that place!

      4) YAY ANOTHER CONVERT! He knows he can never leave the fan club, right? (Haha! 🙂 )

      5) Thank you! I really need to watch AToTC more often…

      6) Aw, thanks! Yeah, I surprised myself with how they turned out; I was like, “Really? They look okay and don’t need any tweaking? Huh, okay. Fine by me!” 🙂

      7) I made it harder on myself for not using a reference photo…sometimes drawing out of my head works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

      8) Well, nice to know I’m not the only one. I DON’T KNOW FEET ARE HARD!

      9) I do think she would have been diplomatic–NOT flirting with other princes and being sassy overall and ferocious in battle, thankyouverymuch *glares at PC movie*

      10) UGH I’M WITH YOU THERE. And the unholy ships…*shudders* Haha, thanks! I had fun drawing it! (Though poor Caspian…he’s so embarrassed!) *gazes at fabulous-looking computer mouse*

      *waves* Bye! Thanks for stopping and commenting!!

    • Christine Eyre says:

      Thank you very much! Haha, I was chuckling to myself while drawing that last one. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Haha, I love the last one! 😛 And that colored pencil technique is really interesting, and I’d love to see more that you do! I don’t know very much about drawing with colored pencil, but your drawings turned out great! I especially love the sky on the second one–it’s so blue and solid. And the ocean is so pretty.

    • Christine Eyre says:

      Thanks! That last one is a favorite of mine as well! 🙂

      Hmm, maybe I’ll do a colored pencil walk through tutorial sometime soon so you can see how I put the drawings together. 🙂 Thank you!–I love how the sky turned out as well, especially since up ’til now, my colored pencil drawings looked too sketchy, and not at all smooth (you could see pencil strokes going in every direction!).

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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